End Time Prophecy And Current Events Seminar with Dr. George Westlake May 5-8

Tuesday, 26 March 2013 02:04

End Time Prophecy And Current Events Seminar with Dr. George Westlake May 5-8

Dr. George Westlake has studied and taught Bible Prophecy for over 40 years.  Having written textbooks for many Assemblies of God colleges he has in that time read over 300 books on the different views of Bible prophecy.  Dr. Westlake Pastored a church of 200 in innner city Kansas City and in his minstry there the Church grew to over 6000.  Dr. Westlake teaches the original New Testament language of Koine Greek and so preaches and teaches much of the Bible with understanding of the original languages of the Bible.  He also hosted a television call in question and answer program in the Kansas City area for 23 years.  So, if you have questions he’s probably heard it before and can guide into the Word of God for the answer you seek.  He has an educated mind and a red hot heart from which he ministers.  You’re invited to this special event May 5-8  Sun. 10 a.m. and 6 p.m. Monday- Wednesday 7 p.m. nightly.  Don’t Miss It!

Why Fast?

Tuesday, 4 December 2012 04:41

Why Fast?

As we get ready to go into a new year I feel impressed to stress the importance of fasting as part of our devotion to the Lord. I believe this is critical to discerning Gods voice and experiencing His favor in the new year. Fasting should be an ongoing part of our lives as followers of Jesus.

1. Jesus taught us about fasting in Mathew 6 and Matthew 9.
2. Jesus and the early church demonstrated fasting as part of their lives. Matthew 4, Acts 13, 1Co. 7:5 .
3. Fasting helps us humble ourselves, getting us in a place where God can bless us. Deuteronomy 8,
4. Fasting helps us overcome the hindrances to Gods moving in our lives. Matthew 17:21
Unbelief, carnality,
5. Spiritual breakthrough is promised to those who fast properly to God. Isaiah 58 and Joel 2.


Past Events:This Week Freedom Revival July 1-4
Sunday – Wednesday:  Sweet Rain of the Holy Spirit  fall on us and minister what we need from Heaven. As Marcus sings and Loretta Preaches You’re going to be blessed.   don’t Miss out on these powerful services.   Sun. morning at 10 a.m. Sunday evening at 6:30 and Monday-Wednesday night at 7 p.m..
Meeting Times
Meeting Times
Sunday 9:00-9:45 a.m. TOP EDU Classes, and Kids Sunday School Sunday 10:00 a.m. Worship Service Sunday 6:30 p.m. This Generation mtg. or periodic Building Together Class Wednesday 5:30 Connections Meal followed by Ministry to all ages at 7:00 p.m.  Adults, Youth, Kids Saturday Nights  8 p.m. Prayer Ignites in prayer room   Saturday Nights Periodic Monthly Youth Services and weekly practices for the Youth drama team.  

Previous Issues

Why I Believe in a Personal Revival

As we get ready for 4 nights of tent revival at Tabernacle of Praise May 15-18, I’m believing God to start a personal revival in the lives of every person connected with Tabernacle of Praise. Believe with me for personal revival in your heart. A personal revival precedes a corporate revival. When God really does a deep work in me it will touch the group that I’m a part of. I’m believing this week of tent revival to spark some things personally in our lives that will then affect the Church and our region.

1. A Personal Revival Is Simply More of Jesus. There’s nothing more important in your life than your personal relationship and experience with Jesus. He must be the first priority in our lives. His beauty and love must ravish our hearts if we’re to do the will of God. He must be Lord of all or He’s not Lord at all.

2. A Personal Revival is the lifeblood of the New Testament Church. The bible book of Acts is filled with the descriptions of believers who were in love with Jesus. They were in contact with Jesus. Acts 4:13 people perceived that they’d been with Jesus. I pray that after this week people will feel the impact that Jesus is having in our hearts.

3. Personal Revival is New Life Flowing out of New Testament Believers. Remember, there’s no Amen in the book of Acts. We are New Testament Believers living in 2011. Jn.7:37 Jesus said “he that believes in me…out of his belly shall flow rivers of living water.” Before it flows out it has to flow in.

4. Personal Revival brings new life and new love into homes and families. If a man loves God he’ll love his family. If a woman loves God she’ll love her family. It’s impossible to love God with all your heart and not love your spouse. Revival pays in restored marriages and familys.

5. Personal Revival Restores Faithfulness to neglected priorities. Personal Revival results in faithful church attendance. Faithful tithes and offerings…which means the Church can move forward and be more effective…which means missionaries can reach the lost more effectively. Personal revival results in believers willing to serve others and fulfill their ministries.

6. Personal Revival brings compassion for the Lost and Laborers in the harvest. Math.9:35 “when Jesus saw the multitudes that they were like sheep without a shepherd He had compassion on them. He said the harvest is great but the laborers are few. Pray for the Lord of the Harvest to send laborers into the harvest.

7. Personal Revival will lead to a continual harvest of souls. Acts 2:47 “Every day the Lord added to the Church those who were being saved.”

8. Personal Revival will affect our nation. People get revived=Churches get revived=Cities get revived= the Nation will be impacted with the Lordship of Jesus. Our Government is in such a mess that only one man can save it…Only Jesus Christ can save our nation!

9. A personal Revival in our lives, homes, churches, cities and nations will hasten the coming of our Lord Jesus Christ. Even so come Lord Jesus Rev.22:20! Let’s agree and pray for personal revival for ourselves and others. Lord light the fire begin it with a spark in my heart!

6400 County Road 445 Hannibal, MO 63401-7003 Entering Hannibal from the West on 36 Hwy….
exit on Veterans Road, turn right one block and turn left on West Ely Road. Turn left on County Road 445 (Old Head Lane) and our church is at the end of the lane.
Entering Hannibal from the North on 61 Hwy….
Just past 36 Hwy. turn right on West Ely Road (at Walgreens Drug Store) go about a mile, turn right on County Road 445 (old Head Lane) and our Church is at the end of the lane..

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